Naughty Yammy Hot Girl by Beyonce

A small talk:

- Bonjour!
- Sorry... Are you sick? May I help you?
- Er... Lemme use a translator... Hello!
- Hey
- I don't speak this language... Why don't you learn french?
- why?
- Well you know french is better...
- why?
- It sounds like a lullaby.
- oh
- Why don't you spend some years of your life learning it till you're fluent?
- why?
- You know... It's romantic... And it's easier for brazilian speakers to learn, due to similarities with their native language, than English.
- u mean... like Spanish?
- Almost like that. But more difficult and you'll need a couple of years of practice. But it's really cool.
- oh
- So, are you interested? I know where to find thousands of hours of quality material to learn french for free.
- You said it's better than English? Why the comparison?
- Yeah it's better. Though I don't speak neither language. I was using a translator to say bonjour, too! SOU BRAZUCA DE BH!!!
- oh

Unknown author

Une vidéo très plaisante à savourer par Elsa Esnoult

Certaines personnes pensent que tout doit être parfait. C'est seulement à ce moment-là qu'ils réalisent que tout va si bien.
Cela peut être faux parce que ... Et si les choses ne deviennent jamais parfaites ou du moins bonnes par elles-mêmes?
Donc, voici la solution simple à utiliser à votre avantage: nous voyons tout d'abord la perfection par nous-mêmes.
Alors tout et la vie elle-même commencent à devenir parfaits.
Nous venons d'inverser l'ordre. Maintenant, le contrôle est entre nos mains.
Essayez vous-même. :)
Je vous garantis que cette technique simple fera des merveilles pour vous. ;)
- Auteur inconnu

Funny French Video by Elsa Esnoult

Hey this looks a lot like Meghan Trainor bass video, this one is in French anyway. Very funny this one I guess. I hope you enjoy it. :)
Do you think these texts don't have any meaningful sense? That's probably a sign you shouldn't be reading them by the way. Thanks for passing by, I hope you come back soon. :)
- Unknown actor

Throw yourself on what makes you laugh

Playing Chess is one of the greatest sports available out there. That are many benefits that are added to lives of chess players. More than thinking about the best movements in the most varied situations, the player uses the same abilities in the game, he would use to solve a problem in his real life. Therefore, I strongly recommend playing chess as one of your activities in your spare time. ;)
- unknown author

Se jogue no que te faz sorrir

Train your mind to see the bright side of everything

Staying positive, always look to the bright side of things, or to be always looking for opportunities, are among the best things we can do for ourselves in life.
This is because we act mostly based on habits, not conscious thoughts. So, as we start training to always look at the bright side of everything, we start to get used to always take the best decisions, even without even thinking about it, and to see good things that the vast majority wouldn't be able to notice, simply because they don't have the same mindset that you do. ;)
- unknown author

Treine sua mente para ver o lado bom de todas as coisas.

There's nothing really new under the sun

Some people like to talk... They talk, that's all they do with their lives.
In short:
Strong people take action.
Other people talk too much.
- unknown author

The most beautiful woman in the World: S Leone

I wish you take learning new things everyday as your basic form of spending your time.
The more you learn, the easier your life become. It's simple like that.
The more your learn, the bigger you turn out to be, the smaller your problems are, and more doors and opportunities opens up for you.
- unknown author

S Leone, nascida Karen Malhotra (Sarnia, 13 de maio de 1981), é uma dançarina, empresária e modelo indo-canadense, atualmente é uma atriz de Bollywood.