Naughty Yammy Hot Girl by Beyonce

A small talk:

- Bonjour!
- Sorry... Are you sick? May I help you?
- Er... Lemme use a translator... Hello!
- Hey
- I don't speak this language... Why don't you learn french?
- why?
- Well you know french is better...
- why?
- It sounds like a lullaby.
- oh
- Why don't you spend some years of your life learning it till you're fluent?
- why?
- You know... It's romantic... And it's easier for brazilian speakers to learn, due to similarities with their native language, than English.
- u mean... like Spanish?
- Almost like that. But more difficult and you'll need a couple of years of practice. But it's really cool.
- oh
- So, are you interested? I know where to find thousands of hours of quality material to learn french for free.
- You said it's better than English? Why the comparison?
- Yeah it's better. Though I don't speak neither language. I was using a translator to say bonjour, too! SOU BRAZUCA DE BH!!!
- oh

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