S Leone playing with the cams :)

Here are some good places to spend your time online:
First: Why facebook is the worst place to be online? the answer: take a look at the terrible quality of messages on fb... they are horrible! Many miss spelled words, impoliteness, etc.
There are much better places for us to spend our time online:
For example...
Youtube: the democratization of access to great content creators. Youtube each day filters great channels based on opinions of the public themselves.
Pinterest: Here you choose the best images to please your eyes, among the things you most love. Why wouldn't you allow only high quality images to be seen by your eyes?
Medium: a great website to access content in text and images with high standards of quality, a great source of content for those who want the best places to spend their time on. :)
- unknown author

Uns dão voltas ao mundo em busca de mim... Outros me encontram mais próxima do que imaginam. -SL


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